Diving in the Kvarner Bay

Diving in the Kvarner Bay

The Kvarner Bay is an excellent access to diving in the Adriatic Sea. Beautiful blue and crystal clear. The rocky coast slopes down to fascinating formations. Shipwrecks lie quietly on the bottom of the gulf.

Some of the most popular shipwrecks are the Lina, an Italian merchant ship and the Peltastis, a Greek cargo ship. The ships scattered around this region all have a fascinating past. Dive into the history of times long past – with Hang Loose Diving! 🙂


The dive sites are scattered all over the coast and the islands in the bay. Mali Plavnik is one of the most popular dive sites. It is a massive wall dive, which also has some impressive rock cones. The wall itself is home to an abundance of fish and gorgonians. You will always want to come back to explore them. 😊

What you can see while diving in the Kvarner Bay

In shallower reefs and near gorgonians you can find all kinds of small marine life such as seahorses and octopuses. Lobsters peek out of the rocks and dragonheads hide camouflaged on the rocks.

Shipwrecks are an excellent home for conger eels, spider crabs and blue stripe crabs. Flocks of mackerel are also common.

What else you can experience in the area

The 2 largest Croatian islands Krk and Cres are located in the Kvarner Bay. These cheap destinations have become very popular with visitors from all over the world.

However, the islands of the bay also offer fascinating destinations on the surface. On the island of Krk there are several beautiful old towns and monuments. For example, the monastery island of Kosljun, which lies in the middle of the bay of Punat. 

The bay of Punat is also home to one of the largest marinas in Croatia. Countless boats line the eastern part of the bay. An evening walk in the marina at sunset is a highlight. Not to forget the natural, fine gravel beaches south of Punat Bay.

Rijeka, in the extreme north of the Kvarner, is flooded with beautiful architecture. You should not miss the Trsat Castle! We will gladly give you tips for trips after your dives. 🙂 

Arrival for diving in the Kvarner Bay

You can easily reach the shore of the Kvarner Bay by bus, plane, rental car or your own car. The city of Rijeka is a great starting point to the many islands in the bay. 

A big advantage of the island of Krk is the accessibility via a bridge. It connects the mainland south of Rijeka with the island of Krk. So you don’t have to wait at ferries.