IAC Diving Courses – On the Island of Krk in Croatia

In the beautiful village of Punat on the island of Krk we offer IAC diving courses in English. We will gladly explain the pros and cons of the different diving associations. Drop by and dive with us! 🙂


The International Aquanautic Club (I.A.C.) was part of Barakuda until 2012 and has been independent since then. The headquarters of the German association is in Essen. As a founding member of CMAS Germany, the I.A.C. is an important partner within this association. Furthermore, the I.A.C. is also a member of RSTC Europe, the part of the World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC) responsible for Europe. The diving certificates (Brevets) of the I.A.C. are without exception recognized worldwide!


During the discover scuba dive you will be gently introduced to the sport of diving and you will make your first experiences and breaths under the water surface. Up to a maximum depth of 8 meters you will enjoy the impressions of the underwater world up close.

However, before the fun can begin, you will receive a detailed briefing from the diving instructor. Here you will be explained what to pay attention to and how the systems work.

And then it starts...

Price: 69,- € (1 dive) or 109,- € (2 dives)


Surely you have wondered what is to be found and seen under the water surface. Why don't you find out for yourself? This course is your start into the underwater world. In the I.A.C. Open Water Course you learn the basics of scuba diving. You start in confined open water and continue in the sea, while at the same time getting the necessary background knowledge.


  • proof of buoyancy
  • valid diving medical certificate or health declaration
  • at least 14 years old
  • at least 10 years old (Junior)

Theoretical training:

  • Equipment
  • Physics of diving
  • Dive planner and dive computers
  • Medicine
  • First aid, CPR
  • Diving environment and surroundings

Practical training (confined open water and open water):

  • assembly of the equipment
  • surface and descent
  • taring
  • pressure compensation
  • clearing out mask
  • regaining the regulator
  • and much more besides

Duration of the course:

3-4 days

Price: 449,- €

incl. teaching material, certification and rental equipment during the course


Discover new areas in diving through continuing education... In the AOWD course you will learn various skills that will enable you to dive deeper and orientate yourself. You take part in 3 special courses (orientation, deep diving and 1 more of your choice. The skills you learn make diving even safer or more interesting and bring you one step closer to the I.A.C. Master Diver.


  • proof of an OWD or equivalent certification
  • at least 15 years old
  • theoretical and practical training:
    • Orientation (navigation)
    • Deep Diving
    • 1 more specialty-dive of your choice

Duration of the course:

3  days

Price: 399,- €

incl. 6 dives, teaching material and certification

Rental equipment for the duration of the course: 99,- €


The Master Diver course is a nice challenge. In this course the main focus is already on other divers. In this course you will expand your knowledge and experience level. Master Divers learn to care about the safety and well being of others beyond their own experience. While this course is challenging, it rewards you with a strong sense of confidence.


  • proof of an AOWD certification
  • at least 15 years old
  • current fitness to dive
  • at least 50 logged dives

Theory and practical training:

  • Special course Stress & Rescue
  • Special course of your choice
  • further special courses are recommended
  • deepen the acquired skills & knowledge

Duration of the course:

3 days

Price: 529,- €

incl. certification

excl. CPR/O²/AED

Rental equipment for the duration of the course: 99,- €


The Dive Leader is the highest level as a recreational diver and the "springboard" becoming a diving instructor. This training level entitles you to dive with beginners. Therefore, with the Dive Leader you already assume a high degree of responsibility and are a link between diving instructor and diving student.


  • proof of a Master Diver or CMAS** certification
  • at least 18 years old
  • current fitness to dive
  • at least 65 logged dives, of which at least 10 between 30 & 40 meters
  • SK Deep diving
  • SK diving safety and rescue
  • SK Night diving
  • SK First aid or CPR/O2/AED

Theoretical training

  • repeating/deepening from CMAS** or Master Diver
  • legislation relevant to diving
  • diving equipment
  • diving physics
  • diving medicine
  • psychological factors in diving
  • dive planning & dive management
  • Assessment of environmental conditions / environmental influences
  • diving with inexperienced divers
  • Environment

Practical training

  • 60 sec. time dive, 45m distance dive, 10m deep dive
  • 60 min. time snorkeling with at least 1500 meters distance
  • 150 meters snorkeling to a scuba diver at 7.5 meters depth and transport to the surface
  • fastening lines in 5 meters depth
  • group tours with beginners
  • speed controlled ascents without fins
  • dispensing the second automatic machine to a fellow diver
  • set buoy and find again
  • navigation
  • night dive
  • First aid for water accidents

Duration of the course:

5-6 days

Price: 749,- €

incl. certification

excl. CPR/O²/AED and teaching material

Please note: own diving equipment is mandatory


The Dive Leader Professional is your first step into professional training with the International Aquanautic Club.

As a Dive Leader Professional you are not only already a full member of the I.A.C., but you also train your own students independently. A two-day seminar will give you the knowledge to conduct introductory diving and snorkeling courses on your own. After this seminar you are of course well prepared to work as a dive guide worldwide.

So that you always have access to your data, you will get a personal access to the I.A.C. Instructor area and can work independently. Training record cards are available to you around the clock free of charge, along with a variety of presentations.

Take the first step and become Dive Leader Professional!


  • I.A.C. Dive Leader (or a comparable certification from another organization)
  • minimum age 18 years
  • valid proof of insurance

Price: 315,- € + Certification

plus 95,- € fees for admission and annual fee (will be charged by the association)


Practical as well as theoretical contents will be taken up and deepened by your Dive Leader course. You will be given important background information.

A comprehensive part of the training deals with the presentation of training contents. This way you learn how to teach your student the individual components of diving quickly and easily.

The practical part of the training will first of all deal with the planning and structuring of diving courses. Which equipment is suitable for the training? What are the requirements for training waters? These are only two of many questions that need to be clarified before starting a course. We will show you what is important and how you can identify problems and difficulties before they occur.

Duration and completion:

Upon successful completion of the theoretical examination and positive evaluation you will be awarded the status of I.A.C. Scuba Instructor. With this status you can directly register for an Instructor Examination.

As a Scuba Instructor you are authorized to teach the following courses:

  • Snorkel Diving
  • Discover Scuba Diving
  • Pool Diver
  • Scuba diver


  • minimum age: 18 years
  • Brevet I.A.C. Dive Leader or equivalent
  • valid certificate of fitness for diving
  • proof of the required Specialties (Night Diving, Stress & Rescue, Navigation and Dive Group Management)
  • Logbook proof of at least 80 dives in different waters, of which at least 25 must be proven as group leader

Price: 839,- € + Certification

plus 257,- € fees for admission, stamp and annual fee (will be charged by the association)

IDC + IE (incl. CMAS TL* - Modul 5-10)

Divided into theory and practice, this training builds on your skills.

During the theoretical training your knowledge will not only be deepened, but you will also learn new skills that will help you to train your students in the best possible way. In order to make sure that you can impart the learned contents to your students in a pleasant way, teaching samples will be held on selected topics. In doing so, you show that you not only have mastered the respective topics, but that you are also able to teach them.

During the practical training at least 6 dives are carried out. Not only the perfect demonstration of the skills will be tested, but also emergency scenarios will be practiced.

Duration and completion:

After successful completion of the Instructor Examination (IE) you are entitled as I.A.C. Open Water Instructor/CMAS Germany Diving Instructor* to take the following certifications:

  • I.A.C. Open Water Diver/CMAS
  • I.A.C. Advanced Open Water Diver
  • I.A.C. Master Diver
  • I.A.C. Specialties (Navigation, Dive Group Management, Deep Diving, Perfect Buoyancy, Stress & Rescue,
  • Nitrox Basic, Night Diving)
  • in order to expand your portfolio, you can obtain the right to purchase additional specialties at any time.


  • minimum age: 18 years
  • proof of I.A.C. Scuba Instructor or comparable
  • valid certificate of fitness for diving
  • valid diving instructor liability insurance
  • at least 120 logged dives

Price: 2210,- € (I.A.C. OWSI + CMAS TL*)

incl. teaching material and certification

plus 330,- € fees for admission, stamp and annual fee (will be charged by the association)


The Crossover is the fastest way to become an I.A.C. Instructor. You are already a diving instructor with another recognized association and want to change to the I.A.C. team? Then sign up now...


After the 2-day seminar you will be certified as an Open Water Instructor, AOWI or Master Instructor, depending on your entry qualification, and can train from Basic Diver to Dive Leader Professional according to the Instructor level you have received.


  • minimum age: 18 years or 21 years
  • valid diving instructor license with a recognized association
  • valid certificate of fitness for diving
  • proof of diving instructor liability insurance

Price: 618,- €

incl. teaching material and certification

plus 206,- € fees for admission, stamp and annual fee (will be charged by the association)


After intensive study of diving, you will quickly notice that some subjects interest you more than others. Various specialty courses give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and gain experience in the desired specialty areas. We offer a wide range of specialty courses with and without dives.

The following specialty courses (incl. certification) are currently offered by us:



Description      Euro
HLW Level 2 (BLS) (without dives) 109,- €
Tauchen mit Atemgasgemischen bis 40% (Nitrox) (without dives) 109,- €
Ausrüstung (Equipment Techniques) (without dives) 139,- €
Bootstauchen (Boat Diving) (2 dives) 149,- €
Computertauchen (Computer Diving) (2 dives) 149,- €
Strömung & Gezeiten (Waves, Tides & Currents) (2 dives) 149,- €
Trockentauchen (Dry Suit Diving) (2 dives/own equipment) 169,- €
Perfekte Tarierung (Perfect Buoyancy) (2 dives) 169,- €
Scooter (Dive Porpulsion Vehicle) (2 dives) 169,- €
Suchen und Bergen (Search and Recovery) (2 dives) 169,- €
Orientierung  (Navigation) (2 dives) 169,- €
Nachttauchen (Night and Limited Visibility) (2 dives) 179,- €
Digitale Unterwasserfotografie (Photographer) (2 dives) 179,- €
Wracktauchen (Wreck Diving) (2 dives) 199,- €
Tieftauchen (Deep Diving) (2 dives) 199,- €
Gruppenführung (Groupmanagement) (4 dives) 269,- €
Gasblender (without dives) 299,- €
Grottentauchen (Ocean Cavern) (3 dives) 359,- €
Sidemount Diving / Monkey Diving (4 dives) 359,- €
Stress & Rescue (4 dives) 369,- €